6 Healthy Foods for Kids

Kids are known to be picky eaters, making them eat what is healthy and will help them stay active is a difficult task altogether. Children often develop a natural preference for food they enjoy eating the most. So, the challenge is to make healthy choices appealing. No matter how good your intentions are, it is always going to be difficult for you to convince your child that fruits are as sweet as blueberry cheesecake.


Here’s a treasure trove of ten healthy recipes that your kids will absolutely fall in love with.

1. Multigrain Pizza

Recipe by Chef Seema Chandra and Chetan Seth

Replace the regular pizza base with a healthy multigrain base. Use a fresh pesto sauce instead of ketchup and use some healthy toppings.


2. Lentil-Mushroom Burgers

Recipe by Chef Arjun Gupta

Presenting, burgers in a healthy avatar. Make the patties with mushrooms and sneakily hide some lentils in them. Place them between whole wheat buns, serve and then watch them disappear.


3. Ragi Cookies

Recipe by Chef Seema Chandra

Draw a smile on their faces with a batch of ragi cookies. Ragi is packed with calcium which makes it great for kids in their growing phase. Ragi turns brown on roasting and can easily pass off as chocolate cookies. You can also try oatmeal and raisin cookies for variety. Let them experiment in the kitchen with you while baking, this way you could make them learn about healthy eating. (More on Ragi)


4. Coconut Banana Fritters

Recipe by Chef Vicky Ratnani

Marinated bananas with lemon and sea salt coated with bread crumbs and dessicated coconut and then baked to perfection. Honey over caramelized bananas? Yum! Kids won’t be able to resist this one. (More about Coconuts)

5. Eggless Atta Cake

Recipe by Chef Poonam Gupta

Yogurt, cinnamon, nuts, whole wheat flour and jaggery – all together will make a healthy tea time cake. Surprise them with a treat every once in a while.


6. Melon and Kiwi Fruit Smoothie

Recipe by Chef Vicky Ratnani

Blend Kiwi, melon, grapes, papaya, honey, milk and oats together to get a delicious and refreshing smoothie for summers. You can serve this fulfilling cold beverage between meals or as a quick healthy breakfast. (More about Kiwis)


Recipe by Chef Divya Burman

Spring onion greens, garlic, crumbled chicken cubes, mushrooms, spinach leaves and bean sprouts all come together to make this super delicious yet healthy and wholesome meal.

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